This yacht can go up to 25 knots per hour! Nice speed for cruising around, especially for those going to Changi or Tuas.

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Xiao Lin

Length: 45.76 ft
Beam: 21.5 ft
Cabins: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Maximum guests: 23
Berthed: One 15 Marina Club, Sentosa Cove

Xiao Lin is our newly added 46ft Luxury Power Catamaran; Built and delivered from France. It can accommodate up to 23 guests. This twin-hull yacht with its 21.5 ft width provide better stability than single-hull boats. A better choice for those who get a little sea-sick. It takes you on a luxurious yachting experience and escape from your busy city life for an exceptional voyage.

Rates (table can be swiped left on mobile)

Details | 4 HoursFirst 12 paxAdditional PaxAdditional hour
Weekday (Monday – Thursday)$1,000 nett$60 nett per pax$200 nett per hour
Weekend (Friday – Sunday)$1,200 nett$80 nett per pax$300 nett per hour
  • 3 slots: 9am – 1pm, 1.30pm – 5.30pm, 6pm – 10pm
  • Customized slots may be available, please inquire
  • Additional 20% surcharge applies to PH and PH eve
  • Corkage fee: waived
  • Self-cater fee: waived


  • Non-stop cruise: Tuas Naval Base, Oil Storage Tanks, West Coast Container Port, Western Singapore ($800+)
  • Non-stop cruise: Changi Naval Base, Changi Beach, Eastern Singapore ($800+)
  • BBQ pit rental: $150

F&B at $22 per pax

  1. Thai Fried Rice (Pork/Chick/Seafood)
  2. Japanese Curry Bento (Pork/Chicken/Fish Fillet)
  3. Chinese Tze Cha
    1. Seafood Hor Fun / Fried Rice
    2. Curry Pork / Chicken Fillet with Rice
  4. 100 Plus/Barley/Chrysanthemum Tea/Mineral Water (any 2 per pax)