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Length: 45 ft
Cabins: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Maximum guests: 27
Pick-up: One 15 Marina Club, Sentosa Cove

Charter Rates

This 45-footer takes its name from the iconic and beloved Singapore cat Kucinta.

Twin hulls create a much more spacious spaces for lounging onboard for guests and minimises rocking motion and greater stability. Perfect for guests who are prone to sea-sickness and young guests.

Kucinta is equipped with a kitchenette and audio-visual amenities, including a Bluetooth-enabled entertainment system and Touchscreen karaoke system.

Rates (table can be swiped left on mobile)

Details | 27 pax 4 Hours Additional hour
Weekday (Monday – Thursday) $2,000+ $250+ per hour
Weekend (Friday – Sunday) $2,250+ $250+ per hour
  • Additional 20% surcharge will be charged for PH and PH Eve
  • Corkage fee: waived
  • Self-cater fee: waived
  • BBQ pit: waived (please bring your own charcoal and cook yourselves)