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What To Wear To a Yacht Party

Oh, This Old Thing?

Dressing for a yacht party is unlike dressing for any other type of event. While the desire to look chic remains the same, it takes some creative styling to ensure your ensemble works at sea as well as it works on land.

Start From The Bottom Up

yacht party footwearUnfortunately, in Singapore we do not allow footwear on deck but the following a good amount of advice if you happen to be on a yacht anywhere else in the world.

When dressing for the “Yacht Life” look, the single most important element of any successful yacht party look is your footwear.

Gentlemen, you’ll want to opt for a pair of tried and true Sperry’s. These deck friendly classics come in a plethora of styles to work with any outfit and their nonslip, non marking soles ensure that you’ll be light on your feet rather than lifted off them if you hit a patch of slippery deck.

Ladies, leave the stilettos at the dock. While sky-high heels may make your legs looks fabulous, they’ll unfortunately destroy a deck in less time then it takes to lift anchor.

A delicate flat with a soft sole won’t mark the gleaming mahogany underfoot and you’ll be able to move around freely without the fear of a high-heel induced slip and fall.

Covering Up

Oxford shirts for yacht partyFor a daytime party, when you know you’ll begin with jet skiing off the bow and ending with cocktails on the deck, you’ll need to think about layering to keep yourself appropriately attired throughout.

Women will want a cover-up that looks put together and effortless. A light, airy linen shirtdress or an easy to pull on, softly draped tunic is the perfect solution. Pair your cover-up with a wide brimmed hat and a pair of statement sunglasses and you can effortlessly segue through the day.

For men, a polo or oxford shirt worn with the sleeves cuffed to mid forearm is perfect to pair with swim trunks for a look that’s entirely appropriate for lunch or casual cocktails.

After 5, Keep It Classic

Much in the way the most stunning yachts seem to have clean, traditional lines; the same can be said of elegantly appropriate cruise wear.

Video Source: eZeLiving on YouTube

At all costs you’ll want to avoid anything cliché or kitschy – leave the sailor caps, ascots and open toed mules at home. The same goes flip flops, over-sized t-shirts or anything that risks looking sloppy.

For all but the most formal of events, a pair of well cut trousers worn with a crisp, white button down and neatly fit sport coat is the quintessential outfit for gentlemen. To keep the look from becoming too stiff, forgo the tie and opt for trousers cut from a luxurious fabric offering a softer drape.

Nothing looks more elegant than a woman who wears her clothes well and effortlessly. Effortless is difficult to pull off, though, if you’re trying to navigate steep stairs, sink gracefully into low slung seating or ward off brisk ocean breezes while wearing a short, tight cocktail dress.

Wide leg pants in soft silk or a pair of beautifully tailored capris offer a much better option. Pair them with an elegant halter or wispy silk blouse to create a party worthy outfit that is as comfortable as it is flattering. A pashmina or thin cashmere scarf is a chic solution to ward off chills as the sun sinks lower on the horizon.

The Devil’s In The Details

Like so many other things, when you’re choosing an outfit it’s often the smallest details that make the biggest impression.

Creased trousers, meticulously pressed shirts, bespoke tailoring and high quality fabrics elevate even the simplest pieces into elegant statements. A simple rule of thumb is to remember the less you’re wearing, the higher the quality each piece should be.

Accessorize Well, Accessorize Appropriately

Rolex Submariners is the mark of a yacht faring gentleman.

No matter how luxurious the yacht, it’s easy to look ‘overdone’ at sea. You can’t go wrong when you opt for just one or two well-chosen pieces when selecting accessories.

For women, a dramatic pair of earrings plus a great pair of sunglasses is all you need to look chic-ly styled.

Gentlemen, there is nothing – and I mean nothing – that looks more apropos on deck than a SubMariner on your wrist.

Come Prepared

ladies wear, yacht 21 cruise wearPack a small, handsome tote with any necessities you might require should the need arise.

Lip balm, sunscreen and a packet of Dramamine are always a good idea to have on board.

For men, you may want to bring along a clean shirt should choppy waters result in a spill and an extra sweater to layer on if the weather turns chilly.

Ladies, something with sleeves if you’re going bare and an elastic to tie hair back into a simple ponytail if the winds kick up can make all the difference if there’s an unexpected change in the weather.

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