/Sister’s Island : the perfect getaway from city life

Sister’s Island : the perfect getaway from city life

Snorkelling and sea creatures, nature trails for hiking, and camping opportunities await you in tranquil Sister’s Island – just a quick ferry away!

As with a lot of historical things in Singapore, there is an urban legend surrounding these twin islands. Word has it that it formed after two sisters drowned trying to reach one another – a bit morbid, we know. But what is real though, is that the island boasts some pretty scenic beaches, nature trails, and a respite from the hustlin’ city life. Here’re five reasons why you should go.

It’s perfect for a day trip

Getting there is easy-peasy. Located 15 minutes away from the mainland by ferry, you can hop on a boat anytime – and you don’t even need to bring your passport. Book a round-trip ferry ride from Marina South Pier for less than $20. We suggest you reach the island early in the day for a full day of exploration!

sisters island

Credit: Belinda Tan on Sister’s Island Facebook page

Sister’s Island is a marine park

Sister’s Island is Singapore’s first marine park and a refuge for over 250 species of hard corals – that’s 32% of hard coral species found worldwide, more than 100 species of reef fish, about 200 species of sponges and 12 seagrass species.

It is also the natural habitat of the rare Neptune’s Cup Sponge, unique to Singapore’s waters. The best time to see marine life active here (including clams, seahorses, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, starfish and anemone) is when the tide is at 0.4 metres and below. Just to add, no fishing is allowed!

sisters island

Credit: Weili Chua on Sister’s Island Facebook page

Pack your lunch and enjoy the view

There are no shops on Sister’s Island, so do pack a nice meal and settle down at one of the many lookout points on the island, where you can take in views of the ocean beneath a shady coconut tree. Ah, island life – but watch out for monkeys!

sisters island

Credit: Belinda Tan on Sister’s Island Facebook page

Have a romantic camp-out

If you want another day to explore the island, you can actually stay overnight! We’re not talking fancy hotels here though, but feel free to set up tent. You’ll need to get a permit from the South Islands Management and takes about a week to process.

Hit the sea or blaze that trail

You can choose to explore the 40ha park through some walking tours, or plunge into the clear waters for a dive trail or some snorkelling. There’s a lot of wildlife you can see for yourself like giant clams, the rich coral reefs, seahorses in calmer waters – and maybe even spot some wild dolphins! Book your trails and guided walks through the National Parks Board.


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