About the Pleasure Craft Insurance

This insurance offers you coverage as a craft owner and as an operator of your craft (eg yacht/cabin cruiser/jet ski/speed boat/sail boat/catamaran) for own leisure and private usage.

We provide cover for physical loss of and/or damage to your craft and/or your legal liability to their parties.

Benefits at a Glance

Physical loss/damage

Covers loss of or damage to your insured craft caused by:

  • Perils of the seas
  • Fire
  • Jettison
  • Piracy
  • Grounding
  • Contact damage with dock or harbor equipment or installation, land conveyance, aircraft or similar object or objects falling therefrom
  • Earthquake, volcanic eruption or lightning
  • Accidents in loading, discharging or moving of stores, gear, equipment, machinery or fuel*
  • Explosions*
  • Malicious acts*
  • Theft of entire insured craft or her tender boats*

*provided it is not resulting from want of due diligence by the insured owner

Legal liabilities to third parties

Covers your legal liabilities as owner whilst operating your insured craft resulting in:

  • Loss of or damage to third party vessel or property as a result of collision
  • Damage to dock or harbor equipment or installation as a result of contact by your craft
  • Loss of life or injury to third party or illness, including payments made for life salvage, caused on or near the vessel or any other vessel
  • Removal or wreck costs
  • Legal costs incurred subject to our prior consent/approval

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