In a collaboration with Park Hotel Alexandra, we are pleased to bring you their specially curated Asia Delight Set.

* 3 days advance notice for all orders, prices are inclusive of free delivery to the yacht and disposable cutlery/crockery.
** Suitable for yacht charter bookings from 1.00pm onwards.
*** The food listed is not halal-certified.
**** Items are subject to availability and are subject to change at hotels discretion. Kindly advise us of any allergies.

Minimum order: 5 persons
for 5 persons
$35 per person thereafter
Thai Mango Salad
Wood Fired Otah Sandwich
Smoked Duck Skewers (Smoked Duck and Grapes)
Chicken Mid Wings with Prawn Paste
Pan Fried Carrot Cake with Prawns
Mandarin Orange Cupcake