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Le Tara

Alaska 45

Model: Alaska 45
Length: 45 ft
Beam: 14 ft
Cabins: 2
Maximum guests: 22
Berthed: Keppel Bay @ Marina

Le Tara is an inexpensive, yet luxurious option for a day out at sea. Whether you’re looking for an elegant sailboat for a gathering with friends and family, filming / photo shoot or corporate related events, Le Tara is the yacht for you. This fast, feature-packed yacht is a crowd-pleaser.

Le Tara boasts an Italian design with soft furnishings, warm-colored fabrics, and teak decks. It’s cherry wood veneer gives it a touch of sophistication, while its carpeted floorings dampen sound for a tad more privacy and coziness. The huge side windows and bi-fold saloon doors allow plenty of natural light and ventilation to saturate the room, giving it a feel of spaciousness and comfort. What’s more, the amicable crew promises not only a point-to-point sailing package, but also a warm introduction to the sailing lifestyle and the cool, breezy waters of Singapore.

Whatever your needs are, Le Tara will adhere.


Details | 4 hours of charterUp to 12 paxUp to 18 paxUp to 22 paxAdditional hour
Weekday (Monday – Thursday)$799 nett$999 nett$1,199 nett$180 nett per hour
Weekend (Friday – Sunday)$1,088 nett$1,288 nett$1,488 nett$180 nett per hour
  • Corkage fee: waived
  • BBQ pit rental: $100 nett
  • Additional hour cost includes a cruise to MBS
  • City skyline tour: $50 nett
  • Jet ski rental: $300 nett
  • Sea scooter rental: $200 nett