For the budget conscious and non-alcoholic drinkers, we have a special promotional package for the yacht La Fortuna at only $1,999 nett, or Rainbow at $2,200 nett. The package covers up to 16 pax, 4 hours of charter, captain service and crew members, fuel, rent of the yacht. Halal certified BBQ and non-alcoholic drinks are also provided, and the BBQ will be cooked by the crew on board after the yacht has departed. All you guys have to do is to is to sit back, relax and enjoy the day! There is no extra corkage fee should you wish to bring your own liquor.

Up to 16 Pax
Up to 16 Pax

Both packages include the following food & beverages:

  • Black Pepper (Raw Chicken Chop) (500g) x 2
  • BBQ Original (Raw BuffaloWing) (30pcs) x 2
  • Garlic Prawns (Raw) (20sticks) x 2
  • Otah Small (Raw) (50pcs) x 1
  • Smoked BBQ (Raw Chicken Chop) (500g) x 2
  • Sambal Stingray in Foil (Raw) (8-10pcs) x 1
  • Sambal Dory Fillet (8-10pcs) x 1
  • Satay Chicken & Gravy (Raw) (50x) x 1
  • Shitake Mushroom (10sticks) x 2
  • Fried rice (8-10 pax) x 2
  • Curry Samosa (10pcs) x 2
  • Mini Spring Roll (10pcs) x 2
  • BBQ Fried Fish Ball (20x) x 1
  • BBQ Sotong Ball(20x) x 1
  • Bottle Mineral water (24bottle) x 1
  • Pepsi (24cans) x 2
  • Ice Tea (24packet) x 2
  • Spoons (16cm, 45-50pcs) x 1
  • Aluminium Tray (A4) x 1
  • Ice Cube (5kg) x 2
  • Paper Plate (18cm, 50pcs) x 1