22 05, 2017

Sister’s Island : the perfect getaway from city life

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Snorkelling and sea creatures, nature trails for hiking, and camping opportunities await you in tranquil Sister’s Island – just a quick ferry away! As with a lot of historical things in Singapore, there is an urban legend surrounding these twin islands. Word has it that it formed after two sisters drowned trying to reach one another – a bit morbid, [...]

4 05, 2017

Island life, love it!

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Need to detox from hectic mainland living? At the Southern Islands, the only thing you’ll be bothered by is a talkative cat (or ten). You can keep your scents of newly-cut grass, baking bread, or a steaming cuppa. The greatest smell in the world is, without question, the fresh caress of salty sea air. How lucky, then, that the best [...]

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